Advisory and Training Services

ERM Program Design and Planning
One of the key ingredients to implementing an affective ERM program is support from the organization’s leadership. These are the executives with a macro view of the company. They are the key decision-makers that establish budgets and allocate resources. Without direction and active support from the top the scope of ERM, if it is adopted at all, will likely end up limited to a single business unit or become an adjunct to a corporate function such as audit or compliance. This begs the question: How do practitioners who want to introduce ERM get senior executives to buy into the process? We created and developed “ERM Storyboarding” – a process where the goal is to deliver a persuasive pitch to a specific target audience to gain their support and approval for the adoption and implementation of ERM.

ERM StoryBoarding 2012

Value Mapping
Measuring both the downside and upside of risk-taking provides a context that can be utilized to determine the type and amount of resources to support any corporate initiative. Risk Manager's are focused on managing risks, but taking risks is how the business was built. Executive management and operations are focused on growing the business.
Value Mapping is a process that enables the organization to measure and illustrate both sides of a business decision.

How to Map Your Risks
Febuary 2013

ERM Charters
Too many ERM efforts begin without a mandate that clarifies and confirms the Vision, Mission, and Purpose of the program. ermINSIGHTS provides assistance with this critical element of any ERM program.

Before the Launch
Nov 2014

Strategic Communications with the “C” Suite and Board of Directors
A successful Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program exists only when it has the complete support of the board of directors (BOD) and the senior management. Anything less than 100% support will, over time, erode the underlying tenets of the risk and opportunity process, eventually dooming the ERM program to a slow death or creating another check-the-box program for internal audit. One way to add immediate value is to determine exactly what kind of information the board of directors and the executiv management team wants to see to proform their jobs of oversite and management. Monitoring and Reporting are necessry elements of the ERM process. Reporting the facts and other corprate data should identify both risks and oppurtunities.  It looks outward to identify threats and competitive advantages, as well as to add context around the data that has been collected and developed.  ermINSIGHTS collaborates with our clients to design and test a visual report that communicates the strategic nature of the information gathered and how to interpret it.

Board-Level and Executive Risk Committee Advisory and Evaluation
Risk managemen is officially on the board agenda, at least for publicly traded companies. The new found status was affirmed on February 28th, 2010 when the Securities and Exchange Commission Amended Rule 33-9089 became effective. The rule confirms that the board of directors is responsible for the oversight of risk management. There is also a provision for discloser about how the board will perform the required oversight.

The Best Practice Risk Committes May 2012

Putting BOard Risk Commitees to Work Nov 2010

Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Advisory and Evaluation
A chief Risk Officer (CRO) is a relatively new addition to the coporate hierarchy. The proposed "Enhanced Prudential Standards and Early Remediation Requirements" by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is a framework for all companies to consider. The number of CRO's is increasing. We advise company's about the required skill sets of their CRO to meet the needs of the board and executive management. Will the CRO be a "contoller" or a strategic "advisor"?

This consulting service is designed for clients with ERM programs that have been underway and our clients want ermINSIGHTS to provide an independent evaluation.

Welcome to the C Suite
September 2013

Strategic Enterprise Performance Solutions (STEPS)
One way to create new value from the ERM process is to embed it within strategic planning. ermINSIGHTS has developed a methodology to embed the ERM process within strategic planning where the end-game is practicing strategic risk management.

ERM Implementation Services

ERM Risk Identification and Assessment

  • Process Design
  • Identify and Collaborate with Risk Owners
  • Design Interview Questions and Procedures Guide
  • Data Evaluation Process
  • Risk Register Design
  • Scoring Parameters
  • Analyze and Evaluation of the Emerging Risk Process

Risk Appetite and Tolerance Consulting
Compare Risk Appetite Targets with Current Risk Aggregate Positions

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