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Kristina Narvaez



Owner ERM Strategies


MBA, Finance & Information Technology at Westminister College

ERM Strategies is a consulting and research firm that provides its clients with a wide array of enterprise risk management services. Every business or public entity, whether large or small, faces a multitude of risks in
day-to-day activities. In order to determine the specific needs of an organization, ERM Strategies provides
each client with a rigorous assessment of the risks associated with their business activities.
Once these risks have been assessed, the ERM Strategies team works with each client to develop an efficient
and comprehensive enterprise risk management plan that can transform those risks into opportunities.


Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Governance training and facilitation for
Executive Management Teams and Board of Directors



ERM Strategies

July 2010 – Present  (2 years 3 months)

Our team helps the executive management team think through the company’s strategy, understand the risks inherent in the strategy and help formulate the risk appetite-the amount of risk the company is prepared to undertake in pursuit of its strategy- as well as help them define their
level of risk tolerance. We ensure that management has an ERM program in place to manage risk and that the ERM program is sufficient to inform the board of the major risks facing the company.

We review the board’s committee structure and oversight processes to ensure that there is effective oversight of the major risks facing the business. Each standing committee of the board typically has oversight responsibility of risks inherent within its area of oversight.
We look at all the board’s committees: audit, compensation, nominating/governance to ensure proper oversight of categories of risk that may pose a particular concern to the organization.

Our team also discusses with the Board of Directors does it make sense to create a risk committee and weigh the pros and cons
of forming one. Some boards may want to focus more on risk management processes to help ensure a robust risk governance system
is in place, and it may make
sense to assign this responsibility to a risk committee.

We can work with an organization in helping them create an ERM program. We will assist an organization in implementing an
ERM framework with ERM tools to gather risk information and set-up a monitoring and evaluation process for their ERM program.

Our team of consultants can provide an independent evaluation of your ERM program and address any gaps or deficiencies in
the processes of your ERM program. We will also review how the ERM program is being managed and how risk information is being communicated throughout the organization and brought to the attention of the executive management team and the board of directors.

President ERM Strategies, LLC

Provide Enterprise Risk Managment consulting services to executive management teams and board of directors

Risk Management Consultant

Bickmore Risk Services
June 2009 – March 2010 (10 months)

Risk Management Consultant and Utah Representative working with public entities and corporations helping with benchmarking,
risk identification and risk assessment.

Assistant Risk Management

Zions Bancorporations
December 2001 – July 2002 (8 month)

Assisted with the design and implementation of a risk assessment information system called Risk Resolve based on Basel II Accord.
Work with the various departments within Zions Bancorporation and their seven affiliate banks with risk identification and risk assessment.
Risks were then ranked from greatest to least and rolled up to a Top Ten list for the executive management team

Saftey Intern

Utah Transit Authority
August 1999 - May 2000 (10 months) – April 1999  (4 years 7 months)

Helped with the safety certification of the Light Rail System for the Grand Opening in December 1999 in Salt Lake City.
Worked with the FTA and FRA to make sure UTA met safety requirements before Light Rail opened.
Was in charge of organizing the safety training and emergency training for all public entities in Salt Lake County regarding the Light Rail System.


1995 – 1996 (1 year)

Sold workers compensation, group health insurance, and commercial package policies.

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